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In order to make available for sale all books and other Artifacts manufactured in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram / Auroville, Pondicherry to the general public in VidhyaNagar, Hyderabad area, Consciousness – A Spiritual Bookshop was opened on 9th Dec, 2007 in the premises of Sri Aurobindo International School, O.U. Road. The following types of goods are exhibited for sale.

  1. All Spiritual / religious books
  2. Personality development books
  3. Health and Hygiene & environment
  4. Books on Yoga / Diet / Ayurveda / Naturopathy
  5. Agarbattis / essential oils / Candles / Soaps / Artifacts (They are non-toxic and made from natural essences).



List of Books with brief (cost is excluding transport charges):

1. Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy of Evolution:
     (By Prof. V. Madhusudan Reddy, 1966, pages 385, Rs.225/-)
The book deals with the problem of “Evolution and Human Destiny.” The author explains that till today “man has been variously considered as the forerunner of biological evolution, as the centre of reference for all that is created and as a measure of all things.” But Sri Aurobindo envisions that it is the destiny of man to rise to yet higher heights of consciousness and evolve into a perfected and divinized superman. The author explains the problem of evolution in this light. This book formed the Ph.D. thesis of the author.

2. The Flame of Truth
    (By Prof. V. Madhusudan Reddy (Ed), 1968, pages 268, Rs.16/-)
This is anthology of loving Homage offered at the Lotus Feet of the Mother on her birthday, 21-2-1968. The editor says, ‘The Mother is the inner and outer guide of the growing fellowship of seekers of truth all over the world… She is the golden bridge, the wonderful fire.’ It contains articles on the Mother in section one and articles on Sri Aurobindo’s vision in section two.

3. Values and Value Theories
     (By Prof. V. Madhusudan Reddy, 1973, pages 168, Rs.30/-)
The material for this volume was originally delivered in the form of lectures in 1961 during his visit to USA, Canada, UK, West Germany and Switzerland, as UNESCO Fellow under UNESCO’S major project Mutual Appreciated of Values: East and West. He explains that the East and West although represent two different outlooks are complementary and supplementary and not mutually irreconcilable or incompatible. They are two movements of the human spirit.” The method of integral psychology, “he explains “is the most natural bridge between East and West and effectively integrate the diverse systems of culture and life the world over.

4. Nolini-Arjuna of our Age
   Prof.V.Madhusudhan Reddy (Ed), 1979, page 239, Rs75
This is a collection of articles brought out on the ninetieth Birthday of Nolini Kanta Gupta.The editor says that the divine wants us to become divine as He has become human and that one should have to have a child’s sparkling sincerity, the heart of a lover and the faith of a yogi, to effect this divine decree. He says, ‘ Nolinida is one such illuminate, a Yogi, and instrument architect of humanity’s highest spiritual welfare’. He also affirms that Nolini is Arjuna of our Age.

5. The Sun and the Rainbow
    K.D.Sethna, 1981, pages 213, Rs.35.
Is is a collection of essays, letters, short stories and poems covering varied subjects like  Integral Yoga, Spiritual India and Sri Aurobindo, Auroville, Dreams Etc

6. Meta-History
    Prof.V.Madhusudhan Reddy(Ed), 1984, pages 176, Rs.50.
‘Our civilization is undoubtedly on the decline ‘, the author says. He suggests in this book that is time that we should aspire for the intervention of a new-Consciousness, for the revelation of another dimension of Reality higher than the mind to savage our civilization from perishing completely. He also says that the Truth-Consciousness should be the true focus of history. The vision of a Kingdom of Truth upon earth provides a progressive manifestation of the divine which is capable of overcoming fatalism, determinism and helpless finitude and history thus becomes meta-history.

7.Savithri-Epic of the Eternal
   Prof.V.madhusudhan Reddy, 1984, pages 150, rs.60.
The book contains a series of talks on Sri Aurobindo’s Savithri delivered at the Cultural Integration Fellowship in San Francisco(USA) in 1982.A study has been made  of the main events that make part of the narration.Savithri is treated as “ the enfoldment of a supreme vision of Being in Becoming. It is a pilgrimage into the Infinite, a journey towards Eternity. Savithri is the odyssey of the life divine”.

8. Celebration Future: The Next Millennium
   Prof.V.Madhusudhan Reddy(Ed), 1984, Rs.30
It contains four essays that focus on of the next future. The third essay.’ The Next Millennium’ forms the Motile Nehru Memorial Lecture delivered in 1982, while the fourth one, ‘ On the Frontiers of the Infinite’ was written for the National seminar held by the Institute of Human Study in 1984.

9. Yoga of the Rishis
    Prof V.Mahusudhan Reddy
 It contains weekly talks given by the author at San Francisco Ashram during the Spring of 1978.He explains the Upanishad approach to death and immortality in the light of Sri Aurobindo.” Death indeed is a ‘dreadful ‘subject, but the knowledge of immortality should salvage us “. The author comments.

10.Champaklal-Lion of Light and Love
    Prof.V.Madhusudhan Reddy, 1988, pages 128, Rs35
This is not a simple biography. It is monograph, by the author who was blessed with fortunate closeness to Champakbhai physically and spiritually. He sees him as Markandeya, Nandi of Lord Shiva, Lion of the Mother, Ananda of Buddha Bhagwan and Narendra of Sri Ramakrishna.Champaklal is the embodiment of Grace and transforming Love of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and he carried it to chosen receptors all over the earth.

11. 7 Studies in Sri Aurobindo
    Prof.V.Madusudhan Reddy, 1989, pages 240, Rs.110
‘It is a masterly exposition of Sri Aurobindo’s Yogic vision called distilled from seven of his major works-The Life Divine, The Future Poetry, The Human Cycle.’ As a leading exponent of the Vedas and Upanishads and interpreter of mystical philosophy, he made in this book a valuable contribution to philosophical literature as well as to Sri Aurobindo scholarship.

12. Integral Yoga Psychology
    Prof V.Madusudhan Reddy, 1990, pages 148, Rs100.
A masterly exposition of Sri Aurobindo’s vision of the whole range of psychological
And Yogic steps leading to the realizations of human potential. The book talks about the urgent need to “choose the world we need to live in “and “the present times being most opportune and mature for conscious charges in perspectives for a preferred future for human kind”. It sheds new light on our understanding of fundamental issues of existence.

13. The Vedic Epiphany (3 Volumes)
   Prof V.Mahusudhan Reddy
This is his magnum opus in three volumes, aptly and logically called The Vedic Vision Vol. 1(1991, pages 414, HB-Rs.500, PB-Rs.450), The Vedic Action-Vol.II (1994, pages 592, HB-Rs.650, PB-Rs600), The Vedic Fulfilment-Vol-III (1996, pages 312, HB-Rs350, PB-Rs300), respectively. In these volumes the author endeavored to set forth the Vedic Vision, Action and Fulfillment in the light of  Aurobindonian intuitive interpretation of the content of the Vedas. He speaks of Vedas being the eternal truths inherent in Nature, embodying the age long quest of the soul for immortality as well as its fulfillment. It simplifies what may be found too complex and demanding in the classic studies of  Sri Aurobindo- The Secret of the Veda, which is the profoundest expression of  Sri Aurobindo’s luminous experience of the Vedic Truth and the World. In these, he gathered and presented his insight on the role and function of the Gods in three-tiered wisdom of the Vedas.

14.Towards Global Future
 Prof.V.Madhusudhan Reddy, 1993, pages 92, Rs50
It is a collection of essays on the subject of philosophy as vision, literature as a part of sadhana, a new polity, globalization of economics, education as future etc.He believed that out of the present confusion and chaos will emerge the need of human unity. He affirms that education alone can give a new direction to the race. Therefore, in this book he suggested a New Curriculum for the Next Future.

15. Footnotes to the Future
  Prof.V.Mahusudhan Reddy, 1993, pages 262, Rs 130
This is a collection of essays covering a wide range of topics dealing with the inadequacy of the vital-mental ego of humanity in tackling the colossal forces released by science. It also suggests that “humanity must move closer to its own evolutionary nisus through self-effectuating higher consciousness”.

16. Meditations on the Mother
Prof V.Madhusudhan Reddy, 1994, pages 178, Rs.150
The book contains short meditative essays on the various aspects of the Mother, It explains as to how one can know the Mother; seek her grace through our prayers and how through surrender and certitude we can become her true children. The author explains how the Mother is the Manthra of Love. It also contains poetic adorations on the Mother.

17. Beyond Religion
     Prof.V.Madhusudhan Reddy, 1965, pages 92, Rs.50
This is the address delivered at the Parliament of the World’s Religions held at Chicago on 2-9-93.The author explains that religion, because of its unholy alliance with political power and static and obsolete social norms, becomes  oppressive and tyrannical. Therefore, he invites all to join the perennially enduring advances of consciousness in Nature’s evolutionary process, transcending the limiting frontiers of religion.

18.Purushothama Yoga
     Prof.V.Madhusudhan Reddy, 1996, Pages 190, Rs100.
This contains talks delivered at Auromira Centre; London in July 1993.It explains that the Divine descent on the earth is not a temporary intervention to save humanity, but to salvage the earth by bringing down a new Power and a new Light to raise it to a more evolved consciousness. Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga or the Purushottam Yoga is the descent and manifestation of the Supramental –Truth-Consciousness which will transform the universe.

19. The Alchemy of Her Grace
      Prof.V.madhusudhan Reddy, 1996, pages 138, Rs.85
It is a collection of articles narrating his reminiscences, particularly about how he became the disciple of Sri Aurobindo and the child of the Mother. It also gives an account of his spiritual experiences and memoirs. It explains, how armed with the Grace of the Master and the Mother, he could establish HIS, SAIS, Matridarshan etc.He felt that he ‘saw one only god-Purushottama’ when he entered the front room of Sri Aurobindo Ashram on 15-8-1949 and that was Sri Aurobindo.

20. Essentials of Sri Aurobindo’s Thought
      Ananda Reddy and Sachidananda-Mohanty(Eds)1997, pages 408, Rs300.
This is a commemorative volume that attempts to highlight the uniqueness of Sri Aurobindo’s versatile genius. Few intellectuals in the West and the East have attained such an incredibly high degree of success in so many disciplinary areas as Sri Aurobindo.Whether in poetry, prose, social-political thought, philosophy or criticism, Sri Aurobindo occupies a unique position in the intellectual history of India and the West.

21.’ New Race’- A Journal of Integral Studies
 A quarterly journal of the Institute of Human Study focusing on the in depth study of the vision and works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother