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We are at present passing through a commercial age which has reached its acme of materialistic success, satisfaction, productiveness, accumulation, possession, enjoyment, comfort and convenience. The soul of man may linger awhile in this age for certain gains and experiences, but cannot permanently rest. If it persists too long, human life would become clogged and perish of its own plethora, like the massive titan it will collapse by its own mass, warns Sri Aurobindo.

The only way out of this impending danger of human life is to move consciously and swiftly towards a new vision of mankind, a new approach to man and his problems, a new ideal of life based on spirituality. Sri Aurobindo has provided us that vision of the spiritual future of mankind.

To realize the above vision of Sri Aurobindo, in the rural areas, Matridarshan Trust was founded in 1982 by late Prof. V. Madhusudan Reddy, professor of philosophy, Osmania University as a national rural development oriented spiritual organization. It was registered as a public charitable trust under the name “Institute of Human Study – Matridarshan Trust.” on 22-07-1982 (vide no. 1036 of 1982). Major objectives of the Trust are given below :

The aims and objectives of the Institute of Human Study in rural areas :

1. Integrated development of rural areas, rural education, rural communities, rural industrial centers, agriculture, handicraft including programmes, projects for promoting social and economic welfare/uplift of the public in any rural areas.

2. Development of alternate appropriate intermediate technologies and research in Energy resources, such as solar energy, wind energy, waste material, biogas etc. for national benefit.
3.  Projects in the field of ecology, social welfare, community a forestation and conservations of renewable and non-renewable resources.

4. To establish, maintain and manage hospitals/clinics and to provide free medicine, medical and surgical advice to aid the poor or to render financial assistance to such institutions.

5. To take up special projects, educational and cultural in co-operation with other institutions having similar aims and to organize centers of meditations, study circles, group discussions, libraries and to establish schools for the progressive realization of the objectives.

6. To establish centers of physical, culture, fine arts and sports and to organize regional, national and international sports and arts festivals.

To fullfill these and other objects, Matridarshan Trust acquired about 100 acres of land in Pasaramadla village in Janagaon mandal in Warangal District, Andhra Pradesh, India. This area is underdeveloped and drought-prone. In addition, it was considered as disturbed area.

Matridarshan Trust launched the following ongoing Activities towards fullfillment of its objects:

1.  A free residential school named Aditi School was started in the year 2001. It has classes from 1st to 4th. The children are educated on the lines of integral education i.e. all round development.Children will be in the school for four years. Their daily schedule covers sports activity, yoga asanas, shramdaan, prayer, meditation and recitation of slokas, followed by class work,playing with learning material, extra curricular activities, story telling and cultural activities like singing,drama etc. They are given nutritious food. There is a resident doctor to take care of their health.

2. Vocational Training : Under this programme free tailoring training centers are functioning in the surrounding villages. They train about 80 girls in each batch of 10 months duration. A free computer training centre has also been opened. Students from the surrounding villages are undergoing training in computer.

3. Free Medical Service: There is a resident medical doctor.He is rendering free medical consultancy and general treatment to the patients who approach him for help.He is also conducting every year free medical check up of the students of the schools in two villages.He is also looking after the health of the children of Aditi school.

4. a forestation: The Trust planted more than ten thousand trees on its land.This is a regular programme.It is aimed at building up green belt areas for environmental protection.It has set a model for the farmers to utilize the waste land by planting various trees.It also distributes plants to the farmers of the surrounding villages.

5. Watershed development:The Trust is collaborating with the govt. in watershed development activities and has taken various measures to harvest rain, to check soil erosion,to create green belt areas, etc

6. Krishi Sanchar Kendra:The Trust is organizing farmers training camps and invites agricultural scientists.To provide a regular base for this activity, the Trust opened Krishi Samchar Kendra.It has a collection of comprehensive literature on different crops for free distribution among the farmers.

7. Promotion of Rural Sports:The Trust is organizing sports competitions every year to encourage rural youth to take interest in sports and to divert their energies towards better things and help them develop sportsman spirit. Winners are awarded prizes.

8. Promotion of folklore: In the present context of erosion of folklore by cinema songs, the Trust is organizing annual competitions in folk songs and dances for rural school children to promote folklore. Winners are awarded prizes.

9. Youth/Leadership Camps:The Trust organizes camps for youth from surrounding villages to make them understand their personal role of development in relation to the development of India in any aspect,and counsels them about interpersonal relations and national integration.

10. Naturopathy and Yoga: The Trust started naturopathy unit to provide cost effective alternative system of medicine for the people from the surrounding villages and towns .It also organizes health camps in the same.It is giving training in yoga asanas to the children of Aditi school and the youth from the surrounding villages.

11. Swadhyaya: The Trust organizes seminars and workshops on Integral Yoga and Science of Living propounded by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Members of Sri Aurobindo Centers in Andhra Pradesh participate in this programme.

12. Adult Literacy: The Trust is running night schools in the surrounding villages to improve adult literacy.

The immense success that we have achieved over the years in the field of education at Hyderabad, has inspired us to expand and move in a wider direction.We wish to take our learning and spread it further through a new Educational Project at our Jangaon site, 90 kms away from Hyderabad, Warangal District in Andhra Pradesh.

The settings there are idyllic, and it is there that we wish to set up our new residential Sri Aurobindo International School named International Center for Integral Education . It is our wish to see children grow up in the midst of natural surroundings in tune with Nature.This vast piece of land at Jangaon, is surrounded by hillocks on all sides, and resounds with the silence and innate beauty of Nature.

13. The International Center for Integral Education: Would have an idyllic birth in the panoramic setting of Matridarshan on Champak hills, Jangaon.The heavenly locales will not only enhance the school’s potential, nestled as it would be in the arms of nature, it would give an equal chance to children from all walks of life, and various cultures to taste the beauty and charm of Andhra Pradesh.Infusing the best of both worlds, it would be a worthwhile venture we are convinced. So it is in this very place that we wish to start our Residential School for 300 students.

As mentioned earlier the site is already host to many rural development programmes – such as - adult literacy, farmer training, social forestry,etc,.We wish to carry on the work already underway and continue it without any hindrance, simultaneously building the new Residential School brick by brick.

Features of the New School :
It will be a residential school having provision for day scholars as well.
The School will consist of classes starting from the 3rd standard, going upto the 10th .
It will be a co educational venture, consisting of 250 to 300 students.
Facilities ranging from Sports amenities to a wide range of extra curricular activities will be provided, such as :
- environs, i.e., subject labs

- grounds for sports and other physical activities

- resource center for providing and creating teaching learning material for teachers and students

- exclusive units for training in fine arts, such as painting, craftwork, embroidery, pottery, carpentry, music & dance

- an auditorium and an open air theatre.