Prof. V. Madhusudan Reddy, the founder of the Institute of Human Study, an eminent scholar of Eastern and Western philosophy, was a humble devotee of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.
In the year 1949 he had Sri Aurobindo’s darshan and this event changed the course of his life and work. Thenceforth, he dedicated his entire life to spread Sri Aurobindo’s vision and thought in India and abroad through lectures, conferences and writing books.
He travelled extensively on prestigious international fellowships such as UNESCO and Fulbright. He visited leading Centres of knowledge in the East and the West and on every occasion expounded Sri Aurobindo’s vision of Human Unity. For him, philosophy was not just an intellectual proposition but an approach to the Divine.
An educationist at heart, he envisioned many academic projects and presented them to the Mother for Her approval. The Mother graciously sanctioned most of them and blessed him. Today we see the fruition of his vision in the Institute and other projects.
Many an aspirant have joined the Institute out of their love and respect for its founder. We hope and pray that we shall keep his inspiration aflame and work tirelessly for the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.