Institute of Human Study is a centre dedicated and committed to help in the realisation of the vision of a “New Race” envisaged by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. The Institute is a humble offering of devoted aspirants who are convinced about the new vision. We have chosen to make this offering through education on all levels. Starting from the urban and rural primary and higher secondary schools the Institute has branched out into a residential school at Jangaon and a Research Centre at Puducherry. Each of these institutions are based on free progress system of education envisioned by the Mother. She made us aware that each soul is born with a particular aim and aspiration and should be facilitated to grow freely in an atmosphere that is pure and positively influencing.
For fifty long years, from 1964, the Institute has established itself by means of Sri Aurobindo International School, Seminars, Conferences, Publishing books and Periodicals entirely dedicated to exploring Sri Aurobindo’s vision of the future. Any activity that contributes to this vision has been
integrated by the Institute and has proven to be a successful one.

The primary objectives on which the Institute operates are:

  • To organise education at each level in the manner that ensures the emergence of the soul as the ruler of the human personality.
  • To study the writings of Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s and other’s which seek to perfect the individual and the society in the interest of an integral life dedicated to the Divine.
  • With the inspiration of the Institute the following trusts were started at different places to extend the vision of Sri Aurobindo:
    • Sri Aurobindo Anandamayi Trust
    • Service Trust
    • Matridarshan Trust
    • Aurodarshan Trust
    • Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research Trust