Consciousness Stores :

Consciousness Stores makes available books by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother; books on their works and compilations by other authors. Books from SABDA (Sri Aurobindo Book Division of Ashram). Publications of the Institute of Human Study, SACAR and a few other spiritual organisations are available. Books in Telugu on these spiritual subjects can be found.   Products from Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Auroville, and Auroshikha such as incense sticks, candles, artifacts, perfumes, scented oils, lamps, gifts, etc. can be ordered.

Products Available in the stores :

(Note Down the Product Code and in the end fill the form)


Code : AC001
Auroshikha Candles
Pack of three Rs175/-
Code : AC002
Auroshikha Bigsize
Candle Rs125/-
Code : AC005
Cottage – Ball
Candle Rs60/-
Code : AC006
Cottage – Square
Candle Rs75/-
Code : AC 003
Auroshikha Festive
Glass Candle Rs95/-
Code : AC004
Auroshikha Candle
Pack of 5 Rs220/-


Code : AA001
Auroshikha Aditi incense
10gms Rs21/-
Code : AA002
Auroshikha Aditi incense
50gms Rs78/-
Code : AA005
Auroshikha Lavendar
50gms Rs110/-
Code : AA006
Auroshikha Mantra
10gms Rs31/-
Code : AA 009 Auroshikha Mini incense Rs90/-
Code : AA010 Auroshikha Real Champ
10gms Rs30/-
Code : AA003
Auroshikha Basilic incense
50gms Rs120/-
Code : AA004 Auroshikha Lavendar 20gms Rs52/-
Code : AA007 Auroshikha Real Lotus 50gms Rs90/-
Code : AA008
Auroshikha Long
incense Rs40/-
Code : AA011 Auroshikha Real Champ 50gms Rs90/-
Code : AA012 Auroshikha Real Lotus 10gms Rs30/-
Code : AA013
Nirvana 10gms Rs32/-
Code : AA014
Auroshikha Real
Rose 10gms Rs30/-
Code : AA015 Auroshikha Sandlewood giftset Rs300/-
Code : AA016 Cottage Call for Krishna Rs 40/-
Code : AA017
Cottage Cones
Code : AA018 Cottage Dance Of Shiva Rs35/-
Code : AA019
Mosquito Repellant
50gms Rs100/-
Code : AA020
Mosquito Repellant
100gms Rs200/-
Code : AA021
Cottage – Jasmine
100gms Rs 275/-
Code : AA022
Cottage – Jasmine
50gms Rs132/-
Code : AA023
Cottage – Musk
100gms Rs275/-
Code : AA024
Cottage – Musk
50gms Rs132/-
Code : AA025
Cottage – Sandalwood
100gms Rs350/-
Code : AA026 Cottage – Sandalwood 50gms Rs150/-
Code : AA027 Cottage – Rose 100gms Rs275/-
Code : AA028
Cottage – Rose
50gms Rs132/-
Code : AA029
Cottage – Amber
50gms Rs132/-
Code : AA030
Cottage – Ketaki
100gms Rs275/-
Code : AA031
Cottage – Ketaki
50gms Rs132/-
Code : AA032
Cottage – Parijat
50gms Rs132/-
Code : AA033
Cottage – Myrrh
50gms Rs132/-
Code : AA034 Cottage – Basilic 50gms Rs120/-
Code : AA035
Auroshikha Floral
100gms Rs110/-
Code: AA036
Auroshikha French Perfume 50gms Rs100/-
Code : AA037 Cottage French Perfume 20 Sticks Rs40/-
Code : AA038 Cottage Loban 100gms Rs275/-
Code : AA039 Cottage Loban 50gms Rs132/-
Code : AA040 Cottage Sandhya Pooja Rs40/-
Code : AA041 Cottage – Amrita Guggul 50gms Rs120/-


Code : AS001
Auroshikha Soap
Pack of 3 Rs100/-
Code : AS002 Auroshikha AloeVera Soap Pack of 3 Rs80/-
Code : AS003 Auroshikha Flower Soap Rs50/each
Code : AS004
Cottage – Devotion
Code : AS005 Auroshikha Vetivert
Bath Scrub Rs70/-
Code : AS006 Auroshikha Vetivert
Bath Scrub Rs210/-

Perfumes and Oils

Code : AP001
Auroshikha Resins
Pack of Four Rs150/-
Code : AP002
Auroshikha Basil
NE Oil Rs176/-

Code : AP003 Auroshikha
Bergamot NE Oil Rs570/-
Code : AP004 Auroshikha Eucalyptus NE Oil Rs220/-
Code : AP005 Auroshikha Lavender NE Oil Rs530/-
Code : AP006 Auroshikha Lemongrass NE Oil Rs220/-
Code : AP007 Auroshikha Perfume Rollon Rs130/-
Code : AP008 Auroshikha Rose Body Oil Rs220/-

Gifts and Other

Code : AG001 Auroshikha Cone Shape 1 & 2Way Diffuser Rs420/-
Code : AG002 Auroshikha Burner Diffuser set Rs200/-
Code : AG003 Auroshikha Gift Box Green 4 in 1 Rs250/-
Code : AG004 Auroshikha Gift Box Red Pen Stand Rs210/-
Code : AG005 Auroshikha Box Yellow Pen Stand Rs120/-
Code : AG006 Auroshikha Ceramin oil Diffuser Rs380/-
Code : AG007 Auroshikha Metal Stand Diffuser Rs342/-
Code : AG008 Auroshikha Organza Bag Potpourri Rs200/-
Code : AG009 Auroshikha Potpourri 100gms Rs220/-
Code : AG010 Cottage Sachets Rs50/each
Code : AG011 Cottage Wooden Holder Rs60/-
Code : AG012 Cottage Gift Set – Candle & Soap Rs100/-
Code : AG013 Cottage – Gift Set – Candle & Incense Rs100/-
Code : AA015 Auroshikha Sandlewood giftset Rs300/-

Please fill the form for Specific Requirement with the code and quantity details :

Note : Minimum Order of Rs300/- should be placed. The total amount payable will be subject to the courier charges.