80G is applicable

A person can sponsor a child fully or partially.  Through a full sponsorship the person undertakes to support the needs of the child: Education, health and nutrition. We are seeking sponsorship for all the students. Also, we will be grateful for support extended for the development of the school. Contributions towards other needs/requirements such as Clothing, Books, Meals, Furniture, Stationery, Computers,   etc are also welcome.

Sponsor Education :

Educate a Child : Rs 60,000/- ($750) per year (amount subject to change)

Sponsor Meals :

One Meal for 30 children : Rs 2,000/-

One Day meal for all children :Rs 5,000/-

Per Child annually : Rs 45,000/-


No amount is small, No amount is more, Help now, to help them better.

Mode of Contribution :

Online Fund Transfer : Details

HDFC Account Details :

  • A/C No. : 50200058351901
  • IFSC Code : HDFC0001628
  • Current Account Name : Institute of Human Study Matridarshan Trust

Contact Form for any other queries : Our Executive will contact/reply