Sri Aurobindo’s Vision of the Future is too comprehensive and all absorbing, his Yoga most integral and satisfying. And I wrote to the Mother with a sincere prayer to be admitted in the Ashram. After waiting for about ten days I asked Nolinida if the Mother had answered my prayer. Without dilating further, he said simply, “The Mother has some plan for you, wait”…

Three months passed, and I found that a few thoughts were formulating in my mind. I put them in a letter to the Mother. Among them was the founding of Sri Aurobindo Institute of Humanities at Hyderabad. Immediately came her benedictory answer; she named it ‘Institute of Human Study’. She also blessed my proposal of a quarterly journal for the Institute, and named it New Race.

The Mother then gave me a special symbol for the Institute and graciously agreed to be its Permanent Hon. President. On my request she painted the names of the Institute and the Journal on big sheets of handmade paper… She handed them all to me on December 13, 1964.

I then wrote a long 4-page letter and prayed that she be always present in the Institute and guide its destiny. On the last page of my letter she wrote “Blessings” covering the whole sheet and gave it me.

–Prof. V. Madhusudan Reddy