Mentor :

Dr. Chhalamayi Reddy has an innate passion for innovation in education. Exploring and Enriching the practices of learning and actively engaging academicians, teachers and children in the process of self discovery are the two major areas around which her work revolves.

She was a student of Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education, Puducherry until 1977. She graduated from Ohio University, USA in 1984.

She received her Ph.D. in 1991 from the Department of English, Pondicherry University, where she completed her thesis on Sri Aurobindo’s critique of poetry based on his ‘The Future Poetry’.

  • Thirty years of experience as Principal of Sri Aurobindo International School, (ICSE/ISC) comprising of 1350 students, and over 150 faculty and support staff.
  • The school runs under the aegis of the Institute of Human Study of which she is a Trustee.
  • Proven academic excellence and integral development of students out of High School with 100% results over the years.
  • Planned and executed transition to an ‘Integral Education(IE) model as envisioned by Sri Aurobindo since 1992. This vision of National Education is being endorsed presently by NEP 2020.
  • Conceptualized, designed and conducted weekly training sessions in Integral Education for all teachers in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s vision of integral Education.
  • Addressed and demonstrated success in orienting parents in understanding and appreciating the concept of Fivefold education.
  • Provided leadership, designed curriculum, conducted workshops as a Consultant and subject matter specialist of Integral Education to various other heads of Schools, aspiring to implement IE in their respective schools.
  • Wrote and published several articles on the vision and practice of Integral education. 
  • Conducted workshops for over 1000 students and for over 500 teachers across the State on Value Education, a Govt of India initiative for reinforcing values in Education.
  • Groomed students to become potential leaders through annual leadership camps.
  • Guided study groups (weekly) of young seekers across various professions in the teachings of Sri Aurobindo, since two decades.
  • Scripted, produced and directed several dance ballets and plays for students based on Sri Aurobindo’s teachings.
  • Established a student learning Resource center and initiated to realign to child centric learning from text centric teaching. This center generated development of learning material which facilitated and aided in self learning across all subjects at primary level. Designed work sheets to replace use of textbooks.
  • Organized various annual events as Convener of the Environmental Committee of ASISC, Telangana.
  • Has inspected many schools for approving Provisional Affiliation for ICSE, as a member of the Executive Committee of ASISC, Telangana, since 2010.
  • She is also the Founder Director of the residential school, New Creation- a free progress school, (CBSE) started in 2015, (branch of Sri Aurobindo International School) running under the aegis of Matridarshan Trust. As a Trustee of the Matridarshan Trust (Non-Governmental Organization) she takes care of planning activities and programs for rural development.