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We are presenting a cultural show AuroVandana on a few Poems by Sri Aurobindo through Dance theatre performance.

Other than Savitri – the epic poem, Sri Aurobindo has written more than 200 poems. The depiction of  3 poems, ‘A God’s Labour’, ‘The Cosmic Dance’ and ‘WHO’ along with the ‘Five Dreams’, his message delivered to the Nation on August 14th 1947.


  • Executive Director – Smt. Dr. A. Chhalamayi Reddy is the Acting Chairman of Institute of Human Study, and the Principal of Sri Aurobindo International School, Hyderabad is the Director of the program. She has previously scripted and directed several plays for the students of SAIS.
  • Creative Director – Mr Ryan Alfred Martyr #ryanmartyr – A dancer and choreographer by profession with over 13 years of experience. Ryan has taught and performed all over the country and even on popular reality shows such as So you think you can dance India, a reality show on &tv judged by Madhuri Dixit. He has also performed and spoken at events like Tedx and is a published author. Some of the famous artists he has worked with are Shahid Kapoor, Kriti Sanon, Parineeti Chopra, Karan Johar etc. Ryan has also choreographed shows like Golden Petal awards for Colours Channel and Big Boss season 10. He also conducts CAMP ZERO which is a meditation and art retreat for 15 days where people come to just release and celebrate life!
  • Production Head – Ms. Harsha Maheswari #harsha.komet – Harsha Maheshwari aka KOMET is an artist, a YogAnce ( Yoga + Dance ) enthusiast , believes in living life to the fullest, and a strong believer of energies. She is the director of Happy Hours Dance Place , through which she conducts national and international workshops, jams and uplifting programmes for the privileged and underprivileged people of the city. Her Mantra is ~ #DanceNahikiyaTohKyaKiya . Her brand CYPHER HOURS has successfully completed 11 editions in hyderabad where you get to see Rappers, dancers, beat boxers, Dj’s graffiti artists, photographers, teachers, performers and all kinds of artsy people and brands on board. With the support of the government to organise HyderabadDanceFestival and Camps for people to find a safe space to express, she heads the art community of Hyderabad. She has been a speaker and performer of TEDx platform 4+ times and has collaborated with well known artists from the country and abroad for various art events. She started a movement #HEALnotHate, and has been spreading body positivity through it, in various educational institutes and shows.
  • Dance Choreographer and Main Artist in WHO & THE COSMIC DANCE – Ms. Veena Amuda